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Repriming People and Rewilding Nature

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Nature-based activity

People and Nature are made for each other, and we provide practical, inclusive and transformative ways to make that connection happen.

We offer a range of nature-based events and activities, that:

This is either through our wild and crafty Public Events programme, or our carefully designed set of Professional Services for Health, Education, Youth, Community and Corporate based groups. 

Based in West Gateshead, we work throughout the North East.

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Campfire at a wildcraft session
Forest School wildcraft
Butterfly wildcraft
team building wildcraft session

What will you do with your world today?

Our skills, knowledge and philosophy are influenced by four key ‘touchstones’:

Earth Education

Earth Education is all about the ‘Head, Heart and Hands’. It uses innovative, playful and ingenious techniques to share the knowledge of how life on earth really works. This is complimented by sensory, creative and adventurous nature ‘immersion’ activities, which deepen our connection with the living world. Both of these together motivate us to take positive action for a sustainable future.


Bushcraft is both a challenge and the pursuit of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will prepare you for life in the wild. Develop awareness, respect and resilience by learning the skills of fire, shelter, foraging, tools mastery, cordage, navigation, wildlife identification and much more. Are you ready for a walk on the wild side?

Forest School

Forest School focuses on the holistic development of the whole person by enhancing self-esteem, self-awareness and self-regulation. Child led, and based in nature, it encourages creativity, inquiry, and physical exploration; and so learning naturally follows everyone’s own skills and interests. Usually aimed at children, it works for all ages too.


Rewilding is about caring for all wildlife, everywhere, by enhancing Biodiversity and repairing our broken Ecosystems. The aim is a healthier and self-regulating nature in itself. It is both the pinnacle and true spirit of traditional conservation work, and challenges us to work harder to enrich our life support systems, everything from the smallest garden to large-scale landscapes.

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‘I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown,

for going out, I found, was really going in.’

John Muir