These Blogs are for You.

These blogs are designed to be of direct personal interest and benefit to you. From time to time I will be sharing information, skills and experiences that I know will help people to reconnect to nature in itself, and also contribute to the process of ‘Re-wilding’ themselves; it is for anybody and everybody who finds themselves here, by chance or interest.

And if you also work within Health, Youth, Community, Education and Corporate sectors (for example), then I hope it informs and inspires you into how the Wildcraft approach can support the work you do with and for your communities, clients and workers.

I set up Wildcraft to reflect this approach; to provide more, and deeper, ways for people to gain contact with Nature, and through doing so reconnect with themselves. Or to put it the Wildcraft way: ‘Repriming People and Rewilding Nature’.

Feel free to have a wee look around the site, and browse the other pages on the website to get a sense for what this means: the deep, effective and practical knowledge and values behind our work, what we offer, and some of the photos and quotes that give testimony to how genuine, effective and useful it is.

Keep and eye on the blog as is takes its own course developing over time, and sign up to the newsletter’ if you want. And do get in touch, comment and feedback anytime.

My next blog will focus on my skills and experience, so you know where I am coming from.

Yours in Wildcraft






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