Pollination Nation


On Thursday 21st March, we planted 300 British Native Wild Pollinator Plant, incorporating around 35 different species: another great collaboration with Sharon and Jen from Climate Action North, and assisted by a total of 4 staff and 4 Climate Action (CAN) http://www.climateactionnortheast.org.uk volunteers. http://www.climateactionnortheast.org.uk

We planted 2 Wild Pollinator Beds, with Nectar plants with a wide range of colour and height, and planted into a Spring Meadow Lawn Area, beside Jupiter building at the North East Business Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland.


Using Native Wild flowers, some common, some sadly in decline we will bring back important pollinators as well as creating another Mini Rewilding area for the benefit of people and nature alike. And that will be cared for (and enjoyed) by BIC Staff and CAN staff and Volunteers well into the future…

Many, many thanks go to David and the team at Sunderland BIC for their vision and support.

And For more info on how to support wildlife by planting the right plants, pollinators and more see:





And I am still buzzin’ about it all 🙂



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