Keeping our Inner and Outer Nature alive …

If I have learned anything over the last 40 years of action, contemplation, work, and reflection with nature is that is a source of inner connection and healing, just as much as it is the focus (rightly) of ‘something’ we need to help heal in itself.

Nothing is new under the sun, and we intuitively know this, but structure our modern life in such a way as with ignore, dismiss or scorn ‘Connecting with Nature’. An adept facilitator/nature based teacher will create an atmosphere of respect and connection in every tiny-wee thing they do anyway, but of course we can ‘package’ that up and delve deep if we wish.

So … 2 things: Firstly, divest yourself of the modern armour of cynicism and get dressed in the playful, childlike clothes of nature connection as often as you can, it is free! And secondly if you want a bit of help along the way then check out Wildcraft’s ‘NICE’ package of Nature Immersion, Connection and Ecotherapy experiences. as the song says: ‘I’m pulling on my boots, getting back to my roots’ 🙂

Yours in Wildcraftyness



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