Get your waspy wiggle on … for Insect week.

‘Not another one!’, you cry.
I reply with understanding ‘Aye, but this is an awfy crucial ‘National Week of (add thing here): Insects! Wow! etc
‘Oooo yuk, nasty wee stingy, annoying, landing on poo, dangerous, evil, did i mention annoying? etc, things’ you complain.
Ah no. Wondrous stories they have to tell, if you give an ear, and an open heart. The bridge between plants and animals, the pollinators, our very own, collective Cygnus. We can think of them in terms of bringing balance and abundance as they work away, thousands of species in a complex web of checks and balances.
Many work as parasites, but that’s not to be confused with the negative spin of the term when we use it for humans. Human parasites take and give nothing back, thats what we mean.
But in nature, in Ecology the term ‘Parasite’ refers to a necessary job (‘Key Workers’, folks) that some of them employ themselves with, and that is in itself key to that balance I mentioned before. Think of it as a more sophisticated (and these wee critters are ‘state of the art’) predator/prey relationship.
Oh and like us humans they love a pretty flower. And they pollinate our bonnie flowers and help to create the fruits and food that we need to live. And its not just the poster – boys that do this ( ya know, the cutesy bumble bees and honey bees….butterflies …..yawn ….) but the moths, flys, beetles ……and even wasps!
So let’s hear it for them all, for the unheralded and ( soon to be not) hated, maligned and ignored.
National Insect Week next week. Be there or be square.
Heres and example below, and can take you to more insects-lovely information. Get buzzin’.

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