About Wildcraft

rePriming people and reWilding nature

Modern life is fast and intense, full of stress and ills, and we seem to have so little time for the living world. Wildcraft is a cure for this; we take you out into your natural world that offers health, learning and adventure experiences, both benefitting you and nature itself.  

Earth Education


Forest School


Phil Macari Wildcraft

Phil Macari - Founder and Director

Nature always seems to provide something that fits the needs of everyone, and is a continuing inspiration for me. It is deeply rewarding to watch people gaining that beneficial connection with our living world.

So I created Wildcraft, bringing together other trusted professionals and practitioners that can share the Wildcraft skills and philosophy. This gives us a flexible and reliable base to offer activities and services to (and for) other communities, organisations and the public.

And we are also part of a wider community of folk who guide us, (whether they know it or not), learning from every activity, random wildlife event, observation, rewarding conversation, and thankful smile. We work very hard to make it all natural.

about wildcraft
about wildcraft
about wildcraft
about wildcraft
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Where We Are

We are based in the Derwent Valley, Gateshead, (with sites at Chopwell Wood and close nearby), giving choice and accessibility in delivery. We can also travel and deliver at your own grounds and local sites too.

Welfare, Safety & Protection

We work hard to provide for any additional needs you have, are fully insured, risk assess all our activities, are DBS covered, and operate safe working practices. We only collect information to support your welfare, and it is never kept by us when not needed, or you don’t want it to be. Full Terms and Conditions are provided before booking.

Naturally Wildcraft

We minimise travel, resources, keep stuff humane, organic, authentic, local, avoid pollution, reduce, reuse, recycle and do what we possibly can to ‘tread lightly’ on the earth. ‘Biodegradable’ is one of our favourite words.


Photos: thanks for the great photographers who contributed to our website. Earth Magic is delivered and owned by Northern Education for Sustainability (NEST). The John Muir Award is designed and offered through the John Muir Trust. Some of the Forest School work is delivered through Greeneye as ‘Bushbairns’. Wildcraft also supports and delivers programmes for Climate Action North East (CANE) including the Green Heart Initiative.

See our blog for more information.

‘Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries

of the earth are never alone or weary of life.’

Rachel Carson