About Wildcraft

rePriming people and reWilding nature

Repriming means being at least comfortable with our whole selves, and in going deeper, we experience mindfulness, meaning and creativity. Rewilding is a kinship to, an understanding of, and a caring for Nature; giving a helping hand to restore and enhance Nature’s ecological health.

Earth Education


Forest School


Phil Macari Wildcraft

Phil Macari - Founder and Director

I created Wildcraft because us humans and Nature both really need each other, and are meant to be together. 

And for the discovering of our primal self, and for the connecting to, and caring for, Nature. 

All our stuff is managed and delivered by myself, and if needed, supported by the trusted professionals and practitioners that have the Wildcraftyness within them.

Ecologist and Rewilder Experienced, and focussed on Rewilding and Community based Ecological Restoration initiatives.

Nature Educator A deep knowledge of effective learning (with and for Nature), whilst creating, teaching and sharing interpretative resources designed for everyone.

Wellbeing Practitioner A leader/facilitator of sensory, forest bathing, transformative and health/therapy based programmes, and creative expression with nature.

Working with and for People  Direct engagement is best, and as much as possible outside and with people (the Real Deal). For individuals, groups, teams and communities.

Consultant and Project Manager Drawing upon 30+ years of practical and managerial experience to deliver good stuff, whilst always speaking up for People and Nature.

M.S.c Enviro / P.Grad. Cert. Ecology / Associate of the Institute for Earth Education / Forest School Leader Level 3 / IOL Bushcraft Competency. Have a wee look at this blog here for more of Phil’s qualifications and information. 

about wildcraft
about wildcraft
about wildcraft
about wildcraft
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Where We Are

Based in the Derwent Valley, Gateshead. We can also travel and deliver at your own grounds and local sites too.

Welfare, Safety & Protection

We work hard to provide for any additional needs you have, are fully insured, risk assess all our activities, are DBS covered, and operate safe working practices. 

Naturally Wildcraft

We minimise travel, resources, keep stuff humane, organic, authentic, local, avoid pollution, reduce, reuse, recycle and do what we possibly can to ‘tread lightly’ on the earth. ‘Biodegradable’ is one of our favourite words.


Photos: thanks for the great friends and photographers who contributed to our website. And thanks to the many colleagues, friends, communities and good folk of the wider Wildcraftynation who continue to inform, inspire and nourish our work.

See our blog for more information.

‘Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries

of the earth are never alone or weary of life.’

Rachel Carson