Wonderwall ‘And after all, you’re my wonderwall’ … Here is some selected examples of what we do. Some are direct Wildcraft projects, some are from before Wildcraft came into being, and via my own consultancy work and some are where I have been a leader / facilitator / collaborator / co-designer for and with another … Read more

Get your waspy wiggle on … for Insect week.

‘Not another one!’, you cry.   I reply with understanding ‘Aye, but this is an awfy crucial ‘National Week of (add thing here): Insects! Wow! etc   ‘Oooo yuk, nasty wee stingy, annoying, landing on poo, dangerous, evil, did i mention annoying? etc, things’ you complain.   Ah no. Wondrous stories they have to tell, … Read more

Beltane is still here: you haven’t missed it. 

Beltane is still here: you haven’t missed it.    I like the idea of the structure and cyclical nature of the ‘8 fold’ year. Is a common them in Pagan/neopagan thinking and many, many ancient and world wide cultures and religions. From a Wildcraft(y) point of view its about marking and observing cycles in nature, … Read more

Earthwalking in the Splendour of November

Following on from our sell-out Earthwalk training day … The Splendour of November: heartlessly skipped in our culture (to facilitate the pile-on of Christmas), and overlooked as a month of any natural worth, November needs some Love. It’s in November that the balance of bright low flying light can grab the colour of leafy ground … Read more

Keeping our Inner and Outer Nature alive …

If I have learned anything over the last 40 years of action, contemplation, work, and reflection with nature is that is a source of inner connection and healing, just as much as it is the focus (rightly) of ‘something’ we need to help heal in itself. Nothing is new under the sun, and we intuitively … Read more

Pollination Nation

  On Thursday 21st March, we planted 300 British Native Wild Pollinator Plant, incorporating around 35 different species: another great collaboration with Sharon and Jen from Climate Action North, and assisted by a total of 4 staff and 4 Climate Action (CAN) http://www.climateactionnortheast.org.uk volunteers. http://www.climateactionnortheast.org.uk We planted 2 Wild Pollinator Beds, with Nectar plants with a wide range … Read more

Rewilding, Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Life, the Universe and Everything …

Rewilding, thankfully, is moving more and more into mainstream consciousness. About time too. But what is it, and why do we Wildcraft it so much? It really is a huge area of study, and given my love for writing a lot of words (when maybe slightly less would do), I am going to really work … Read more


Bushcrafts is the perfect ‘doorway’ to the wild in Wildcraft. There are many definitions out there, but for me, it is gaining respect, skills and awareness that will allow me, you (and anyone), to pass through that ‘doorway’ with confidence. By the ‘doorway’, I mean that part in our minds where we don’t know enough, … Read more