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We work in partnership with you, your clients and staff, and can tailor services to your exact needs. We are happy co-design and develop projects for funding and resourcing alongside you too. So for more information, pricing, and to discuss ideas and opportunities, feel free to get in touch.

NICE: Nature Immersion, Connection and Ecotherapy

wellbeing in nature, wildcraft

Gifts of time and space: reflection, awakening the senses, relaxation, self-awareness, mindfulness and nature contact for all ages. Expertly guided and from light and refreshing to deep and transformative. Specially commissioned for your group/school/community. One-offs or repeating and cumulative programmes.

We offer these wonderful sharing experiences: Earthwalks (sensory and refreshing); Earth-Breath (mindful and reflective); Forest Bathing (Deeper Nature Immersion Journeys); A Day with Your Nature (longer and deeper); and also: Mindfulness Walks, DawnBreakers/Sundowners, EarthMovers, Muir Treks. 

‘It helps deal with issues of isolation and stress in the team. Staff Wellbeing is a big issue.’


Bushcraft sessions start with the basics of Fire skills, Shelter Building, Cordage, Tools, Foraging, Fieldcraft, Navigation, and move onto more advanced work if needed. Bushcraft encourages adaptability and resilience, supports teamwork, presents challenges, and promotes self-awareness. It can also be used as a diversionary activity and to supplement to ‘softer’ outcomes.

Bushcraft with Wildcraft

‘The young lads group loved your bushcraft day, and your rapport was spot on, it got them thinking, talking and working together as well as learning new skills’

Forest School

forest school at wildcraft

We can provide regular support for established initiatives, whether private or schools based. This includes top up ‘tools’ and activities focussing on good practice, new ideas, safety and challenge, as well as connecting your current practice with Earth Education, Bushcraft and Rewilding.

‘Professional as always – brilliant, charismatic and kind. You are now the benchmark with which we judge other providers’

Natural Learning

Natural Learning is our flexible collection of curriculum and project linked sessions drawn from Environmental Education, augmented with activities from our other ‘disciplines’. Outdoor, kinesthetic, and involving activities as diverse as art and craft, tree planting, pond dipping, fire and shelter skills, sensory, wildlife identification, and more.

natural learning with wildcraft

‘The sessions were well delivered by knowledgeable professionals…everyone in the class learnt something and were engaged and happy throughout. Thank you!’  

Earth Magic

Earth Magic with wildcraft

Earth Magic is for ages 7-9. The children join a mission to rediscover the Earth Magic (which keeps everything working on our living planet), the meaning of the ‘WASSAP’ spell, and all whilst gaining their very own wands along the way. With one whole day off site and supported work back at school/home, the children take action for all life on earth, share this with friends and family, encouraging them to do the same.

 ‘The children were engrossed from the start and felt in charge of their learning. The programme supported cross-curricular links to Science, Geography, Art, Maths and English. This has become more than just a project, and it is now a way of life for our school children.’ 

John Muir Award

The John Muir Award has the right balance of structure, flexibility and challenge, and is aimed at folk of secondary school age right up to adult. Participants ‘Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share’ their own ‘wild’ places, as they move through the programme. Any open space will work: a park, school grounds, or local natural area.

John Muir Award with Wildcraft

‘It’s been fantastic, and inspired everyone involved. Our volunteers are much more involved in the park and people care for it more now.’

'Stepping Out' Professional Training for Staff

Stepping Out training

We help you to take those first tricky steps outside with your class/group. This can be fraught with worries around safety, behaviour and activities. We provide access to the basic ‘tools’, techniques and attitudes needed, whilst all the time encouraging the confidence needed to apply your own skills to the outdoors. It can also support strategic planning and staff communication.

‘That’s a whole year since you came into the school, and my staff still talk about it more than any of the other training we have done in that time. The time staff spent connecting and sharing was precious.’

LandCraft: Action and Advice

LandCraft is our ‘Hands-on’, practical service for outdoor areas, which includes our expert advice and design. We have the Ecological and Nature Conservation skills to help you create or maintain anything from a small school or community area to woodlands and other larger habitats. Because we are also steeped in Educational, Inclusive Design and Permaculture approaches, we can also create Sustainable, Repriming and Rewilding places for everyone.

Landcraft with Wildcraft

‘I am amazed at what you and the children were able to achieve in the nature area, it inspired teachers and children alike’.

Tailored for You

Elements of all the above packages can be taken out and rearranged to to suit your needs.

If you would like to talk over your ideas, please get in touch.

‘Gie me ae spark o' Nature's fire,

that's a' the learning I desire.’

Robert Burns