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Events appear on our booking section below. For anything specifically tailored for you, please do get in touch through our contact page. 

What's Going on?

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Update 21 June 2022. Since the end of Covid, we have focussed on developing new programmes, especially around health, and Public Events have had to take a ‘back seat’. Between this Autumn and next Spring, we are looking to redevelop Events for families and the public in general. We are also looking into mini learning adventures for everyone from families, home educated children and groups. Any ideas and requests? Feel free let us know through the contact page. Thanks, Phil 

Everything we do, we do it for you.

So what is on the Menu? Family Bushcrafts, Foraging walks, Health walks, Art and Crafts sessions, nature Identification walks, Wellbeing events,  fire making, shelter building , navigation, ‘What’s that thing?’ Ecology understanding nature, Ecotherapy and Forest bathing, Sensory Earthwalks. Social and Team sessions. Working with tools in nature, Nature Conservation activities: giving something back whilst feeling good. And more. Any requests?

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It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it.

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We run events as Wildcraft, but we now also run them in combination with 2 other fantastically useful community organisations, Climate Action North and Living Woods. And sometimes with other folks as well.

How to book

For full details of each event, including dates and prices, please see our schedule below. Sometimes there may be a link to another site to book, but you will get there eventually!

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she is giving you great company’

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